Nutrition and breathwork to recover fast as a high performer.
Talking to instinctual, emotional and logical minds, and neuroscience of communication with Simon Lancaster.

December 2022

Simple tips from a performance coach/nutritionist.

November 2022

Immersion and what moves our brain into action with Paul Zak.
Neurosignatures, neurodiversity and closing the neurogap with Friederike Fabritius.
Why your relationships suck, healthy eating is boring, and you canโ€™t find motivation for exercise.
How to get off the emotional roller-coaster and start making your best, often hard decisions and choices.

October 2022

Tony Robbinsโ€™ tweet summed it up.
(neuroscience-research based)
Neuroscience of gaming. Where managers got it all wrong.

September 2022

If you are passionate about starting your remote career journey on the road.
PREVENTING A LAZY BURNOUT WEEKENDWatch now (1 min) | ...or how to stop living a boring life and start having adventures instead!