Whoโ€™s the brain behind the project?

My name is Angela Shurina and Iโ€™m a Brain Performance Coach, passionate about helping mission-driven entrepreneurs, founders, and thought leaders to get the best out of their genius brains - knowing how to CONSISTENTLY deliver your best performance. (Aka design for your best day every day and your brain has the power to do just that.)

Make good decisions under pressure and in stressful situations, reduce anxiety and boost confidence for your next pitch, design for high energy, high motivation, deep focus states!

I combine neuroscience of high-performance states like confidence, focus, creativity, motivation, innovation and resilience, with nutrition, integrative health and lifestyle protocols, hacks and habits, workspace and workflow design. I help to build sustainable, easy-to-maintain habits to live as your best version when you want instead of hoping for luck and good weather.

Iโ€™m always on top of all the cutting-edge science and canโ€™t wait to try it all myself, share it with you, and spread the news globally so we all can do and be our most inspiring selves!

Feel free to reach out at any time and welcome to the tribe of change-makers and world-shakers!

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As a member of the Brain Breakthrough tribe (free, $7 a month, $70 a year, founding member) of high performers youโ€™ll get:


Cutting-edge neuroscience protocols, tools, and hacks, straight from the labs translated into doable simple habits (always free, weekly).


  • Priority access to my inbox where Iโ€™ll answer your questions to personalize the science Iโ€™ll share;

  • Early access to my upcoming books, workshops, apps, videos - and you can give me feedback, helping build awesome content;

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  • Lifetime discount on all my coaching programs - My Brain Mastery, become a creator and navigator of your life, control your brain - donโ€™t be controlled by your emotions;

  • Pass to weekly Q&As with the community - get your questions answered, share your experience, support, accountability to build and maintain better habits;

  • Free download of my book โ€œFit-and-Focused for Remote Pros and Digital Nomadsโ€;

  • A Brain Breakthrough T-shirt or cup (coming soon).

LOTS of PERKS! Hurry up to join and turn your brain ON!

Why paid matters

Help me to spend more time on research to deliver Brain-Body education to more people affordably through lots of awesome projects! I wish I knew all of this earlier to struggle less and make more cool stuff - I want to give this to the world! Letโ€™s do it together!!!

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